This is

We are bringing the first electric scooter, motorcycle &  vehicle renting hub to South Africa, Africa  & Europe !

Download the APP

Download the APP for either Android or iPhone directly from the APP Store

Create Account

Create a unique account on the application and connect your credit card

Take a Ride

Pick up a scooter at one of your local pickup/drop-off zones

How it Works

Watch our video below to see how easy this all is, and download the app.

Safety Information

Safety is a very important part of having fun on an electric scooter! Below are some tips

Stay safe – have fun

ALWAYS wear a helmet. DO NOT ride on public roads, motorways, or highways. When available use bike lanes.

How to ride

Step on the stand with one foot and kick off with the other to start moving. Put the other foot on the stand and press the throttle.


Slow down by releasing the throttle handle and gently press the brake handle. There is also a kick-down brake on the rear wheel.

How to park and lock

Park only in designated areas or bike racks. Tap "End Ride" in the app. DO NOT block sidewalks, bike lanes, and driveways.

Need help?

If you have any question, please feel free to email us at
We value your rides!