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Electric scooter and electric vehicles rentals company Electric Life Rides will launch its service in Cape Town early in September 2020. The initial fleet of kick scooters will be available at our new mobility hub / centre and partner The President Hotel in Bantry bay as well as ‘strategic, locations throughout the city and country. 

Electric Life Rides works through a mobile app – similar to Uber – where users are able to scan a barcode on the scooter to download the app and activate it, and are able to make buy ride credits directly through their app with your bank card and hire dock-free electric kick scooters.

The vehicles also have built-in tracking meaning it is easy to see where the closest vehicle is, as well as have the ability to handshake API’s with other applications. Electric Life Rides will offer a shared revenue split to businesses who are wanting to deploy on their real estate / location, and are wanting to operate / oversee a fleet of scooters on their location to the public.

This is one of many incentive based partnerships aimed at the business sector to support SME’s and businesses looking for extra revenue streams with no major capital investment, whilst acting as a catalysts and connecting cities and locations making the Smart cities and Smart locations.

We encourage Businesses to apply for monthly subscription fleet packages, reducing maintenance and fuel costs, providing built in tracking and control at a very low monthly cost. These electric kick scooters can be used for delivery, documentation collection or delivery, commuting around office parks and estates ,warehouses, security purposes or simple efficiency for commuting purposes. These two business to business models will be rolled out with the September launch.

As we all face a new normal, were excited to be providing a service that showcases South African innovation and technology that will show value both now and when we emerge from the pandemic, we also have our sights set on deploying ride share locations nationally and will keep the public informed via social media in due course .”

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    “We want to assist in creating a better tomorrow, where people move in a better way, a greener cleaner Electric Life Rides way whilst reducing carbon emissions as well as creating local employment.”